Nick Carter - Scandalicious

Albüm Adı : Now Or Never

I entered the party ready to leave
When somebody offered me "Sex On The Beach"
I turned around and got in shock at first
I got a feeling that she must have smelled my thirst
She must be...

Scandalicious, Oh yeah
Caught in a cat suit a package so cute
Scandalicious, Oh yeah
You know that, baby now I want you
Baby I can see you want me too
Hot and scandalicious
Oh, bedtime delicious

There's not any interest in touchin' our hearts
I guess we're just on to every other part
She started playin' tricks with my mind, oh yeah
You know this kinda thrill makes me blind, oh yeah
She must be...


We slowly reach into our minds
We're getting there and nothin's left behind
We're sayin' things without a word
It's so obscured, I'm stuck on this one line
All I want is to be hers
'Coz she's so...